Maintaining Healthy Feet

Top Tips to Maintaining Healthy Feet!

Healthy and pain free feet help to maintain balance and reduces your risk of falling. 

  • Check your feet daily for cuts, blisters, bruises, sores, infected toenails or swelling. 
  • Wash your feet daily, but do not soak for more than 1o minutes to keep your feet from drying out too much. Make sure to test the water with your hand to make sure it is not too hot (diabetic feet sometimes won’t feel the hot).
  • Dry between your toes with a good towel
  • Moisturize your feet daily-tops and bottoms, but keep the spaces between the toes dry!
  • Wear comfortable, well fitting shoes and cotton socks
  • Keep moving, go for a walk, smell the roses, and do simple foot exercises to keep the blood flowing to your sweet feet!
    • While sitting, pick up marbles with toes, or simply curl and relax your toes
    • While holding on to a table or chair back, rise on tiptoes, then rock back on heels
    • While sitting, alternate pointing toes toward nose with pointing down
    • Rotate ankles in circles, clockwise then counterclockwise
  • Cut toenails regularly, not too short, and follow the natural curve.

Call @Home Wellness to book an appointment for footcare or nursing 1-778-581-4325 or email if you require assistance!

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