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Live Well

Private/Corporate Yoga

Lifespan Mental Health Support

Depression & Anxiety

Grief and Loss

Life Transitions

Respite, Footcare and Nursing

Die Well

End of Life Support for Clients and Camilies

Bereavement & Loss for Family

Death Doula

Spiritual, Emotional & Physical Support at End of Life

All services are strictly confidential

To live well

Tackling the conversations most people don’t want to have.

Let’s talk about depression, anxiety and everything in between. Do you struggle with feelings of inadequacy and failure? These are some of the hardest things to speak about, yet we feel so much shame and guilt to seek support. It is ok to have feelings and to share them. Are you worried about a loved one or family member that would benefit from having supports in home? A safe, strictly confidential space is created in order to support and nurture therapeutic relationships.

Are you going through a divorce and feel like it is hard to navigate? This can be challenging and tricky at the best of times. Most of the time there is so much shame that goes along with the feelings of failure and anger, it really does help to spend time with someone who understands.  

Becoming a parent, one of the most wonderous times of our lives is also one of the toughest transitions for us as individuals, separate from the child. A lot of becoming a parent is glossed over by most. Many feel a sense of guilt for not feeling completely in utter bliss after birth, however this is normal. Aside from post partum depression, there are also other transitions that happen when bringing baby home for the first time. A sense of identity has shifted, and is newly becoming something that may seem foreign for a while.

Have you recently suffered a loss of a loved one or animal? The pervasive sense of loss can be extremely overwhelming for a seemingly long period of time. The emptiness after a significant loss has a massive effect on our wellbeing and ability to cope with the every day.

Have you realized there are a lot of issues from your childhood that are holding you back?

Do you feel trapped in a career that is less than fulfilling and feel like there’s no escape? Lifespan support and coaching helps to bring a sense of clarity to situations that can sometimes feel out of control.

At Home Wellness offers respite for families and family members going through rough patches, physical, mental and emotional challenges, dementia and Alzheimers relief for family members who are their primary or even secondary caregivers. Footcare for those with diabetic or problematic feet including diabetic neuropathy assessments, corn and callous removal, sanding down of fungal and thickened toenails and nail cutting. Nursing services for those requiring some in-home aid for things like assistance with activities of daily living, the morning or evening routine, medication reminders and administration, mobility, nutrition and socialization.

Personal, private and corporate yoga sessions for individuals and groups in the comfort of your own space. Working with your abilities to help cultivate a more balanced sense of physical and emotional wellbeing.

Online video support is available, as well as telephone and in person for individuals, families, groups and organizations.

To die well

Many clients I have met have often felt extremely afraid and alone with the thought and experience of death. Many do not want to burden their loved ones or even know how to go about navigating the end of life chapter. Likewise, many friends and family members are unsure of how to navigate the end of life, not sure what to say or do and struggle with heavy emotions and family dynamics on top of it all. We are not often taught how to grieve or how to experience loss. We are here to help facilitate that transition, to navigate the often complex and confusing world of public health care, to know what options there are or even where to get started.

Once loved ones have passed, many families also struggle with how to pick up the pieces, what to do with the things, stuff and all the feelings. Let us help to guide and support you through. Having someone there to help navigate you and your loved ones through the spiritual, emotional, physical and everything in between alleviates a lot of the expectations we feel by helping to carry the load.  We have compassion for what you and your loved ones are going through, we listen and respect your culture, traditions and beliefs. We create an environment of non judgment, comfort and hope. We shall continue to connect you with your religious community if you so desire, and offer prayer if and when it is requested. We work with the healthcare team to offer medical support as necessary and directed and remain in contact with all medical professionals as things advance.

To know you are supported as life begins to wind down helps to bring a sense of ease into the fold. Family members will be supported with the feelings and emotions that might arise during and after the end of life has lapsed. Aftercare for the family is helpful in facilitating healing, on each individuals own timeline. Grief is not a linear prescribed course, it may take unexpected turns, dips and detours. Be rest assured the support continues until each member feels empowered to continue for life after death. Planning for the end of life (which is inevitable one could add) brings a sense of control and knowing to the forefront. Understanding you are supported always makes a huge difference in life, it is no different in death.

Online video support is available, as well as telephone and in person for individuals, families, groups and organizations.  

No one needs to struggle through life or death alone. At Home Wellness is here to support you and your family.

Reach out to find out more about services offered.

Kimberley Dickinson is a Nurse, Author of the bestselling novel The One Life Movement, Private Yoga Instructor, Mental Health supporter and Death Doula. For more information on her lifespan inclusive services and skills please connect with her on

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