The Upside to Covid-19

For the first time in our lifetime, we are at a crisis point. We are actually faced with our own mortality. We have spent so much time distracting ourselves from the core essence of who we are, because we could and because it was more comfortable to worry about things like the kind of carContinue reading “The Upside to Covid-19”

Socially Distant Yoga

For all those who find themselves at home more often and doing what they can to be socially distant to spread the risk of sharing illnesses, At Home Wellness will be holding Socially Distant Yoga throughout the week and on weekends. Email or text 1-778-581-4325 for more information, class times and location. All classesContinue reading “Socially Distant Yoga”

Maintaining Healthy Feet

Top Tips to Maintaining Healthy Feet! Healthy and pain free feet help to maintain balance and reduces your risk of falling.  Check your feet daily for cuts, blisters, bruises, sores, infected toenails or swelling.  Wash your feet daily, but do not soak for more than 1o minutes to keep your feet from drying out tooContinue reading “Maintaining Healthy Feet”