Forgiving Ourselves

I write a lot about forgiveness because it is something I feel incredibly passionate about. Nothing has ever been gained by retaliation, by getting back, by harming someone else when we have been hurt. It’s not like we can double down on pain and have them somehow cancel each other out. Pain is pain, andContinue reading “Forgiving Ourselves”

Growing Through Grief

Channeling pain and yearning into opportunities for growth

Health for the Diabetic Foot

Foot Health for the Diabetic Foot As a diabetic client, there are a few things you should try to keep in mind to care for your sweet feet! Never walk barefoot! You may or may not feel when you step on something potentially harmful. Wear well fitting shoes (consult the footwear guide for more info).Continue reading “Health for the Diabetic Foot”

New Clients Welcome

Licensed Practical Nurses providing Footcare and Nursing services right in the comfort of your own home. We offer exceptional, personalized care for Elderly, mobility impaired, Diabetic and frail clients. Full Footcare visits last around an hour and are $50 per visit Nail Clipping visits are around twenty minutes and are $25 per visit Home support,Continue reading “New Clients Welcome”