At Home Wellness Partners

As a nurse in community, especially one dealing with grief, loss, life transition and coaching-it is vital to support other community networks. At Home Wellness proudly supports: British Columbia Bereavement Hotline Victoria Hospice Canadian Mental Health Association Living Through Loss Counselling Society of BC Know of an organization helping the community to heal? Let usContinue reading “At Home Wellness Partners”

Socially Distant Yoga

For all those who find themselves at home more often and doing what they can to be socially distant to spread the risk of sharing illnesses, At Home Wellness will be holding Socially Distant Yoga throughout the week and on weekends. Email or text 1-778-581-4325 for more information, class times and location. All classesContinue reading “Socially Distant Yoga”

Meditation for Beginners

Full disclaimer up front. I am terrible at meditating. I am the kind of person whose mind is literally thinking about ten thousand different topics, how they could all be improved and how they are all connected, all the time. I continually begin to learn how to meditate every day as I never truly feelContinue reading “Meditation for Beginners”

Forgiving Ourselves

I write a lot about forgiveness because it is something I feel incredibly passionate about. Nothing has ever been gained by retaliation, by getting back, by harming someone else when we have been hurt. It’s not like we can double down on pain and have them somehow cancel each other out. Pain is pain, andContinue reading “Forgiving Ourselves”

Health for the Diabetic Foot

Foot Health for the Diabetic Foot As a diabetic client, there are a few things you should try to keep in mind to care for your sweet feet! Never walk barefoot! You may or may not feel when you step on something potentially harmful. Wear well fitting shoes (consult the footwear guide for more info).Continue reading “Health for the Diabetic Foot”

Maintaining Healthy Feet

Top Tips to Maintaining Healthy Feet! Healthy and pain free feet help to maintain balance and reduces your risk of falling.  Check your feet daily for cuts, blisters, bruises, sores, infected toenails or swelling.  Wash your feet daily, but do not soak for more than 1o minutes to keep your feet from drying out tooContinue reading “Maintaining Healthy Feet”